Israel Centeno

Israel Centeno (Caracas, 1958) is a writer of long and short fiction, creative literature instructor and cultural promoter. He has published approximately fifteen works in Venezuela, Spain and the United States. He was awarded the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura (CONAC) Prize and the Municipal Prize of Caracas in 1992 for his first novel, Calletania, and in 2003 won the short story competition of El Nacional for Según pasan los años. His work has been included in anthologies in Venezuela, Spain and Slovenia. His collection of short stories Bamboo City and his novel El Complot (The Conspiracy) have been translated into English and published in the USA. He has translated into Spanish the works Peru by Gordon Lish, El Jardín/Constance (The Front Yard) by Constance Fenimore Woolson, Un inconveniente (The Pitfall) by Mary Cholmondeley and Diario de un hombre de éxito (The Diary of a Successful Man) by Ernest Dowson, all of them published in Spain by Editorial Periférica. He lives in Pittsburgh, where he was writer-in-residence at City of Asylum.

The Expedition of the Dolls’ is included as ‘La expedición de los muñecos’ in the collection of short stories Según pasan los años (New York: Sudaquia, 2012).