Freddy Gonçalves Da Silva

Freddy Gonçalves Da Silva (Caracas, 1981) was one of those children who would hide under the covers with a torch to read until the small hours of the morning. These days he just switches the lights on. He holds an undergraduate degree in letters (Letras) and a master’s degree in children’s and young adults’ literature. He is a promoter of books and an academic at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Bogota’s Academy of Writers. He worked at Banco del Libro and was the creator of the youth jury of books Librogénitos. For eleven years he worked as scriptwriter for various television channels and he recently was coordinator of literature marketing at the Colombian publishing house SM. He has published the novels Arañas de casa (2015) and María Diluvio (2014), as well as a number of research papers for several specialised publications. He is the creator and director of the online YA literary magazine PezLinterna and its blog Elhabatonka.

Chasing Rabbits’, originally ‘Cacería de conejos’, is a previously unpublished short story.