Montague Kobbé

MONTAGUE KOBBÉ is a German citizen with a Shakespearean name, born in Caracas, in a country that no longer exists, in a millennium that is long gone. He is the author of the novel The Night of the Rambler and the bilingual collection of flash fiction Tales of Bed Sheets and Departure Lounges / Historias de camas y aeropuertos. He has kept a column in Sint Maarten’s The Daily Herald since 2008 and has translated over twenty photography books with Spanish publisher La Fábrica. His new novel, On the Way Back (Akashic, 2016) tackles issues of racial and social prejudice in Anguilla with a large dose of humour.

Montague is co-editor of Crude Words.

For Crude Words he translated Halfway There’ by Miguel Hidalgo Prince, ‘Passion’ by Gisela Kozak, ‘A Country Poles Apart’ by Boris Muñoz, ‘The Princess of Escurrufiní’ by Ednodio Quintero, ‘Any Old S’ by Carlos Sandoval, and ‘One of Many Possible Shortcuts’ by Jesús Miguel Soto.

For The Football Crónicas he translated ‘San Martín de Brooklyn Eye the Play-Offs’ by Hernán Iglesias Illa.