Gisela Kozak Rovero

Gisela Kozak Rovero (Venezuela, 1963) is a novelist, short-story writer, essayist and academic researcher. She holds a PhD and undergraduate degree in letters (Letras) and is a lecturer at the Central University of Venezuela. Her books include Venezuela, el país que siempre nace; Ni tan chéveres ni tan iguales: el cheverismo venezolano y otras formas del disimulo; En rojo; Todas las lunas; Latidos de Caracas; Literatura asediada; Rebelión en el Caribe Hispánico; Pecados de la capital; La catástrofe imaginaria. She has published opinion pieces in the national press and papers in specialised academic publications. She has taken part in international events, conducted seminars and delivered conferences at Stanford University, the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO, Dominican Republic), the Université de Paris VIII and Mexico’s Universidad Nacional Autónoma (UNAM). She has also been a guest researcher of the DADD at the Latin American Institute of Berlin. Her critical and creative writing has been recognised with a number of domestic and international awards.

Passion’ was originally published as ‘La pasión’ in the collection of short stories En rojo (Caracas: Editorial Alfa, 2011).

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