Proceeds from The Football Crónicas will be donated to The Bottletop Foundation, a UK-based organisation that does outstanding work empowering young people in Africa and Brazil, tackling sensitive issues including the prevention of HIV/Aids, unplanned teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, gender inequality, low self-esteem and vocational-skills deficits (

Authors, translators and editors provided their services for free, and designers, copy editors, typesetters and proofreaders worked below market rates, in order to keep production costs to a minimum and donations to a maximum. Ragpicker Press thanks them for their time, energy and generosity.

Ragpicker Press coordinated a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to produce the book.

Without the support of the following people, the venture would not have been possible:

Alexandra Vilas-Bôas, Alex Marston, Andreas Loizou, Ben Stuart, Colin Doig, Daniel Hahn, David and Helen Smith, Elisabeth Weise, Francisco Pizarro, Francisco Vilhena, Gwyn Roberts, Ian Soutar and Kathy Loizou, Louise Pryde, Luis Naia, Jacob Aitken, Jim Blackburn, Joanna Thomas, Joanne Gillespie, John Clarke, John Gilbertson, John McGill, Josie Soutar, Maggie Soutar and Geoff Rowe, Neil Soutar, Rhys Thomas, Richard Cotton, Rob McGowan, Sam Dubberley, Steve Callanan, Víctor García Guerrero, Yasmin Khan, Zoe Perry, Cherine Koubat, Eva Oddo, Elanor Dymott, Barry Kelly, Hannah Carnell, Stefan Tobler, Jamie Vickery, Christina MacSweeney, Margaret Jull Costa, Katy Stone, Andres Jaramillo-Mejia, Denise Hanrahan, Alison Roberts, Craig Johnson, Keir Sutton, Brendan Richards, Emily Britt, Sarah Yiannoullou, Rachael McGill, Lauren Hughes, Martha McGill, Andy Hawkins, Richard Owusu-Awuah, Leila Hackett, Brice Blondell, Josh Lacey, Rebecca Court, Felipe Garcia Gomes, Eoghan O’Sullivan, Rachel Dring, Susan Harris, Matthew Yeomans, Berit Dernulf Olsson, John MacInnes, Roual Galloway, Bartholomew Ryan, Sharon Taylor, Ian Mitchie, John Wojda, Simon Taylor, Joe Mather, Morven Masterton, Ben Falk, Ana Fletcher, Helen Lenarduzzi, Ian Waugh, Mike Newitt, Chris Cole, Nell Haynes, Dan Wilde, Corinne Ammann, Quentin Falk, Vinicius Jucá Alves, Deirdre Byrne, Luke Jacobs, Andreia Andrade dos Santos Gomes, Ruth Stokes, Fraser Skilling, Rob Waugh, Oliver Rowson, Dan Woolstone.