The devil himself was Bile Cutão

No better way to celebrate the Big Kick-Off than by reading an extract from The Big Family, as published by Bookanista.

The Big Family was written especially for The Football Crónicas by Vinicius Jatobá. It's a short-story celebration of football's arrival in Brazil via the British, and the Brazilians reinvention of the game. In the extract, a team of British sailors take on Rio dockers and port down-and-outs in the game of the century, 1938.

For the British players' names, Vinicius offered crowdfunders the chance to pledge for a place on the team, then asked translators to supply the names of the grandfathers to complete the line-up. Of course, the narrator then Brazilianifies their names, turning them inside out, much as the great Bile Cutão does to defenders.


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