The Football Crónicas

The Football Crónicas (15)

Vinicius Jatobá

Vinicius Jatobá was selected by Granta as one of the Best of Young Brazilian Novelists in 2012. Since then he has had stories published in English, French, Spanish and German. He is also a prize-winning dramatist. In 2015 he’ll be in Paris for a year as the recipient of the prestigious Icatu Prize for Arts, where he’ll work on his new novel, Enchantment Road. His first novel, Elegy, will be published in early 2015.

‘The Big Family’ (‘A grande família’) was written especially for The Football Crónicas and is published here for the first time.


Diego Trelles Paz

Diego Trelles Paz (Lima, Peru, 1977) is the author of Hudson el redentor (Peru, 2001), El círculo de los escritores asesinos (2005), and Bioy (2012), which received the Francisco Casavella Prize and was a finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos Prize in 2013. He is also the editor of El futuro no es nuestro (2009), an anthology of short stories by young Latin American writers that has been published in six countries and translated into Hungarian and English: The Future Is Not Ours: New Latin American Fiction (2012). He holds a doctorate in Hispanic Literature from the University of Texas, Austin, and currently lives in Paris.

Football and Plague’ (‘La peste y el fútbol’) was first published in Hudson el redentor


José Pérez Reyes

José Pérez Reyes. Asunción, Paraguay, 1972. Writer, lawyer, university professor. He has had three collections of short stories published: Ladrillos del tiempo (2002), Clonsonante (2007; his best-known work) and Asunscenarios (2012). In 2007 he was named among the Bogotá39, a Hay Festival initiative recognising the continent’s best young authors. His stories have been included in international anthologies in Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Spain. He has had work translated into English and published by Words Without Borders in 2011. His webpage and blog can be found at His work frequently combines Guaraní with Spanish: in ‘Loyalty Card’, the Guaraní words appear in italics.

‘Loyalty Card’ (‘Carnet de fiel consumidor’) was first published in Asuncenarios (Editorial Arandurá).


Agustín del Moral Tejada

Agustín del Moral Tejeda. Las Choapas, Veracruz, Mexico, 1956. Novelist, journalist and social activist. He was a member of the PRT (Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores – The Workers’ Revolutionary Party) between 1978 and 1992. Between 1985 and 1987, he coordinated ‘El istmo en la cultura’, a supplement of Diario del Istmo (Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz), which in 1987 shared (with the Gaceta del FCE) the National Prize for Journalism in the field of Cultural Disclosure. In 1997 the University of Veracruz published his novel Nuestra alma melancólica en conserva. He is now editorial coordinator of the university’s publishing house.

‘The Mexican Pelé’ is an extract taken from his creative non-fiction book Un crack mexicano: Alberto Onofre, published in 2003 by Ficticia and UV Editorial.


Hernán Iglesias Illa

After living for ten years in New York, Hernán Iglesias Illa recently moved back to Buenos Aires, the city he was born and bred in. He is the author of three books, Golden Boys (2007), Miami (2010) and American Sarmiento (2013), and he has a webpage In a normal week, he watches between eight and ten football matches on television.

‘San Martín de Brooklyn Eye the Play-Offs’ (‘San Martín de Brooklyn busca el repechaje’) was first published in Orsai magazine in January 2011.


Wilmer Urrelo Zárate

Wilmer Urrelo Zárate. Bolivia, 1975. He is the author of three novels: Mundo negro (Nuevo Milenio, 2000), winner of the National Prize for Best Debut Novel and published in Italian by Edizione Estemporanee; Fantasmas asesinos (Alfaguara, 2006), winner of the National Prize for Best Novel; Hablar con los perros (Alfaguara, 2011), winner of the Anna Seghers Prize for Literature 2012, as chosen by the Anna Seghers foundation in Berlin, Germany. His short stories have appeared in numerous Bolivian and international anthologies.

Lucha Libre versus Football’ (‘Lucha Libre versus fútbol’) was first published on the website www.ecdotica.comin February 2010.


Pablo Corso

Pablo Corso is thirty-three years old and lives in Buenos Aires, having spent childhood and adolescence in Bariloche, Patagonia. He is a Communications graduate, a journalist and an Independiente fan. His crónicas and articles have been published in Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Russia Beyond the Headlines, Brando and Caras & Caretas. He worked as an editor on the daily newspaper Crítica de la Argentina and the magazine El Guardián. His Twitter account is @pablo_corso.

‘The Team That’s Always Robbed’ (‘Este equipo siempre pierde por afano’) was first published in El Guardián in February 2011.


Clara Becker

Clara Becker is from Rio de Janeiro. She is a Botafogo fan and a reporter for the magazine Veja Brasília. She worked for piauí magazine from 2009 to 2013.

‘Congressman Romário: Big Fish in the Aquarium’ (‘Peixe no aquário’) was first published in piauí in January 2012.


Surya Lecona Moctezuma

Surya Lecona Moctezuma is a Mexican freelance journalist focused on human-rights issues and current affairs across Latin America. She loves non-fiction, crónicas and old typewriters. She has contributed to numerous publications, including Replicante, Expansión, La Otra Orilla, El Financiero and De Largo Aliento. She is part of the editorial board on the magazine Spleen! Journal and co-author of Tú y yo coincidimos en la noche terrible, a book focused on 127 journalists that have been killed or disappeared in Mexico.

‘Costa Nica: The Central American Dream’ (‘Costa Rica, Costa Nica, Costa Risueña’) was first published in March 2013 in Replicante.


Leonardo Haberkorn

Leonardo Haberkorn is a Uruguayan journalist and Associated Press correspondent in Montevideo. He has worked for a range of media outlets in Uruguay and has had pieces published in several leading Latin American magazines, including Gatopardo (Colombia/Mexico) and Etiqueta Negra (Peru). His work has been published in the anthologies Crónicas de otro planeta: las mejores historias de Gatopardo (Mexico, 2009), Para gritar, para cantar, para llorar (Chile, 2010) and Antología de crónica latinoamericana actual (Spain, 2012). He has published ten books, including Milicos y tupas, which won the Bartolomé Hidalgo and Libro de Oro prizes in 2011.

‘Run, Ghiggia, Run’ (‘Corre Ghiggia, corre!’) was first published in Gatopardo (No. 32, Colombian edition) in 2002.

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