Miguel Gomes

Miguel Gomes (1964) is the author of, among others, the works of fiction Visión memorable (1987); De fantasmas y destierros (2003); Un fantasma portugués (2004); Viviana y otras historias del cuerpo (2006); Viudos, sirenas y libertinos (2008); El hijo y la zorra (2010); and Julieta en su castillo (2012). He has been the recipient of the Caracas Municipal Prize for Literature for Un fantasma portugués and has twice won the yearly short story prize awarded by the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional. As a critic he has written extensively about the essay in Latin American and about various poets and fiction writers. He studied in the University of Coimbra (Portugal), the Central University of Venezuela, and completed his PhD at StonyBrookUniversity in New York. Since 1989 he lives in the USA, and currently is a lecturer at the University of Connecticut.

 Christina Cries at Three O’Clock’ won the 2010 El Nacional short story prize and was published as ‘Lorena llora a las tres’ in the collection Julieta en su castillo (Caracas: Artesano Editores, 2012).