Liliana Lara

Liliana Lara (Caracas, 1971) is a Spanish teacher and lecturer. She is the author of the collections of short stories Los jardines de Salomón,winner of the narrative prize of the XVI Literary Biennial José Antonio Ramos Sucre in 2007, andTrampa – jaula (finalist of the Oswaldo Trejo short-story prize organised by Equinoccio in 2012). In 2013 her book Abecedario del estío earned her a place among the finalists of the XIII Cross-Genre Prize of the Foundation for Urban Culture. Her articles and short stories have appeared in regular publications and anthologies in Venezuela, Mexico, Poland and Germany. She presently lives in Israel.

The Body’ was originally published as ‘El cuerpo’ by the Venezuelan online portal Prodavinci in 2009.