Ednodio Quintero

Ednodio Quintero (Trujillo, Venezuela, 1947) is a university lecturer, essayist, Japanese literature specialist, photographer and one of the most distinguished contemporary writers in Venezuelan literature. He is the author of eight books of short stories collected in two anthological volumes: Combates (2009) and Ceremonias (2013); eleven novels, including La danza del jaguar (1991), Mariana y los comanches (2004) and El hijo de Gengis Khan (2013); several book-length essays; a biography, Akutagawa, el elegido (2013); and a couple of film scripts. He has been recognised with the most significant literary awards in the country, such as the yearly short story competition by El Nacional (1975), the CONAC Prize for Narrative (1992) and the Miguel Otero Silva Prize awarded by the publishing house Planeta (1994). On two occasions he has taken part in year-long programmes by the Japan Foundation in Tokyo, where he has conducted research on the authors Junichiro Tanizaki and Ryunosuke Akutagawa. He also works on translations of contemporary Japanese literature into Spanish.

The Princess of Escurrufiní’, originally ‘La princesa de Escurrufiní’, is a previously unpublished short story.