Francisco Suniaga

Francisco Suniaga (Margarita Island, Venezuela, 1954) is a lawyer specialised in international law. For years he worked as an academic and wrote columns in Venezuela’s most respected newspapers. Between 2004 and 2009 he was the director of Exxito magazine, which focused on politics and economy. He has published the novels La otra isla (2005), which has been translated to German and French; El pasajero de Truman (2008); and Esta gente (2012). In 2010 Random House Mondadori also published the collection of autobiographical fiction Margarita infanta, a mural derived from his childhood in the Caribbean island of Margarita. Presently he is fully engaged in fiction writing and is planning to publish his next novel in 2016. He splits his time between MargaritaIsland and Caracas.

The Other Island’ is an extract from chapter XXII of the novel La otra isla (Caracas: Oscar Todtmann Editores, 2005).