Gustavo Valle

Gustavo Valle (Caracas, 1967) is the author of the books Materia de otro mundo (2003); La paradoja de Itaca (2005); Ciudad imaginaria (2006); Bajo tierra (2009); El país del escritor (2013); and Happening (2014), which earned him the III Novel Biennial Adriano González León and Venezuela’s Critics’ Prize, as well as the XIII edition of the Cross-Genre Prize of the Friends of Urban Culture Society. He has written two feature film scripts, El libro que no ganó el concuro and Peones, both of which have merited him awards by the National Centre of Cinematography (CNAC). He is a regular contributor to a number of print and digital media in Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.

Corny or Porny first appeared as Lo cursi y lo porno in the magazine Letras Libres in January 2004 and was later included in the La paradoja de Ítaca (Caracas: Ministerio de Cultura, 2005).