Slavko Zupcic

Slavko Zupcic (Venezuela, 1970), psychiatrist, occupational health doctor and writer. He is the author of the novels Barbie, Círculo croata, and Pésame mucho, all of which are included in the book Tres novelas (2006); he is also the author of the short story collections Dragi Sol (1989); Vinko Spolovtiva, ¿quién te mató? (1990); 583104: pizzas pizzas pizzas (1995), and Médicos taxistas, escritores (2011, 2014). He has published the book of literary crónicas Máquinas que cantan (2005) and the children’s book Giuliana Labolita: el caso de Tepe Toledo. In 2007 he was included in the group Bogotá 39, selected by Hay Festival. His short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies in Venezuela and Latin America, and have been translated to English, German, Hungarian, French and Portuguese language. In 2015 he and Alejandra Costamagna published Bogotana(mente) with the publishing house Brutas Editoras. He presently resides in Valencia (Spain) and practices medicine in Castellón.

Literary Solutions to the Death of My Mother-in-Law’ (‘Soluciones literarias a la muerte de mi suegra’) is part of a new collection of short stories.