Coming Soon: Refugees Worldwide

A Syrian man watches his friends depart, a Turkish woman decides she herself must leave; a Congolese asylum seeker confronts Japanese bureaucracy, an Afghan gets a hero's welcome in Lithuania. Somalis flee to Kenya, Pakistanis to Indonesia, Salvadorans to Belize, Haitians to Brazil. The refugee crisis in Nigeria, Sudan, Ukraine, Greece; a world in flux.

Mohammed Hanif / Ece Temelkuran / Khaled Khalifa / Najat El Hachmi / Masatsugu Ono / Nora Bossong / Abdi Latif Dahir / Andréa del Fuego / Artem Chapeye / Nils Mohl / Stella Gaitano / Juan José Martínez D'Aubuisson / Amanda Michalopoulou / Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Fourteen leading writers from around the world offer incisive works of literary reportage focused on migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Together their personal accounts provide a powerful picture of global displacement; the story of our time.

Proceeds from this book will be donated to Refugees International, an independent organisation that advocates for displaced people everywhere.

The cover design is still under development, but will based around Rubab Paracha's wonderful refugee-inspired artwork.