Katie Brown

Katie Brown has an unhealthy obsession with Venezuelan literature. She has recently completed a PhD on ‘The Contested Values of Literature in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’ at King’s College London, and now teaches Spanish and Latin American culture at the University of Bristol. She runs www.venezuelanliterature.co.uk, posting news, information about published translations and her own translations, and has also contributed to the Palabras Errantes translation project.

Katie is one of the co-editors of Crude Words.

For Crude Words, Katie translated ‘Clown’ by Rodrigo Blanco Calderón, ‘Blanes’ by Héctor Concari, ‘The Body’ by Liliana Lara, ‘The Villagers’ by Carolina Lozada, an excerpt from Juan Carlos Méndez Guédez’s novel The Briefcases, and ‘Literary Solutions to the Death of My Mother-in-Law’ by Slavko Zupcic.